Just finished my review of the new, complete collection of Wendell Berry’s Sabbath poems entitled This Day. My review will appear in the Advent print issue of The Englewood Review of Books. For now, here’s a quick look at one excellent poem from the collection that is fitting for this late fall day…   Read more

So David Fitch initiated a new conversation on his blog today about Andy Crouch’s new book PLAYING GOD… Read more

“Chris and John have done a fantastic job of envisioning a wholesomely sustainable, spiritually alluring, and thoroughly kingdom-centric church that is simply fulfilling its purpose of witnessing to Jesus in the rhythms of God’s grace. I just have to join in! An inspiring read.” Read more

Part of what we long for, as part of the vision of Slow Church, is a world in which the horrors of war and war-making, including the loss of brilliant young people like Robert Rottet and Wilfred Owen, gradually become unnecessary as all is subsumed in the peace of Christ. Read more

There is a deep sense in which churches, particularly in the Western world, are indeed monstrosities of this sort, not unlike the fictional one created by Dr. Frankenstein. What is particularly disturbing, however, is that we have little imagination for how our churches might be transformed into healthy, functioning embodiments of Christ. Read more

Andy Crouch: “The Anabaptist tradition is very important because its refusal to participate in state-sponsored instruments of force,violence and deadly brutality is a deeply consistent witness that there’s another power at work in the world.” Read more

Timothy Colegrove Tim and Alice Colegrove live and work in Boston, MA where they serve with the Conservative Mennonite Conference (CMC) as evangelists and prospective church-planters. Their vision is to establish a multi-ethnic evangelical Anabaptist church in the city of Boston committed to discipling new believers, breaking down socio-economic barriers, and gathering an eclectic community around Jesus’ table. Read more

Last year, the assistant editor of The Englewood Review of Books and I, picked the 12 worst Christian book covers of 2012. (Be sure to check them out if you haven’t already!) This year we are going to be making a list for 2013, but we need your help to make this year’s list better and even funnier. Read more

It’s time for us to declare that Congress has made themselves irrelevant. We are now in a place, and probably have been so for many years, in which our local communities can — with some imagination and significant effort — make progress on these crucial crises even when Congress cannot. Read more

We tried to imagine an economy informed by the narratives of scripture, one bearing witness to the reign of God. … What was needed, we thought, was an economy not based on the goals, values and practices of this age, but one based in the life and teachings of Jesus, as revealed through scripture and the life of Christian communities through the ages. Read more

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