Closed Communion?

My Protestant friends get a little bit snooty when we don’t invite them to receive communion in the Catholic Church.

“But we practice open communion!” they cry with an air of wounded righteousness. “We invite anyone who loves and serves the Lord Jesus.”

So I ask them if they welcome Jehovah’s Witnesses, Moonies and Mormons. They all would profess to “love and serve the Lord Jesus.” For that matter Muslims claim “honor and venerate Jesus and Mary.” Why not invite them too?

In fact, all Christian groups practice closed communion. Catholics just admit it.

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  • Richard

    Hello Dwight,…and some are more closed than others. But that is simply because we have a fundamentally different conception of “communion.” No True Body without the Mystical Body.Congratulations on your new vocation and location, by the way. Special things are happening in Greenville. Glad to see you’ll be part of that.

  • Chris Osgood

    Very interesting!