Standing on My head

This blog is inspired by the image of G.K.Chesterton standing on his head. Imagine a fat English Teddy Roosevelt lookalike complete with drooping moustache and pince nez, a woolen suit, sturdy boots and a goofy hat trying to stand on his head. This is to validate his theory that everything in this crazy, insane world looks more sane when it is turned upside down. Chesterton pioneers this theory in his excellent little book on St Francis, when he write, “any scene, such as a landscape, can sometimes be more clearly and freshly seen if it is upside down.”

This line inspired a book I’ve written called Adventures in Orthodoxy which you can check out at my website .

On this blog, I hope to link with other bloggers who like standing on their head, like my favorite fan, The Curt Jester. I won’t be commenting on everything under the sun, but will comment on things theological, Evangelical Catholical, cultural, heavenly, hellish, hilarious and Anglo-American.

If you’re out there, and want to comment drop a line. If you want to learn more about this blogger among millions of bloggers check out the bio page on my website:

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  • I’m out here. CJ pointed me in your direction. Consider the line dropped. I’ll be back for more.Oh, could I suggest something I wish I’d done at the startup of my own blog? Get a free hit counter like It’s great for inflating one’s head, which makes it much easier to balance on.I’d also recommend turning on word verification to prevent comment spam.

  • Hello Dwight and welcome to blogging. I’m new also to blogging. It’s a small world. You sent me an email a few days ago asking if my website carried your book. I replied with a glowing recommendation for your St. Benedict and St. Therese, The Little Rule and the Little Way. Now…I’m finding you in the blogosphere. I do hope you will visit my blog. It’s not linked to my website so that’s why you didn’t find it when you visited I’m blogging this September each day quoting from Her Last Conversations. As we approach her feast day I am filled with gratitude and devotion to our dear little saint for the huge impact she has had on my life. I am a Secular Carmelite and also own a small struggling catholic bookstore. All in all…I find myself in a situation daily where I can make a choice to follow St. Therese’s little way of spiritual childhood or not. If that particular day I choose not…and some days it’s a struggle to be positive…I find that I fret and worry and accomplish nothing. When I put ALL of my trust and confidence in our Good Lord, the day goes much easier. The sufferings can be offered up and be redemptive instead of being wasted on the ego. May God bless you venture. I do hope you are working on another book. If you are ever in my area I would like to host a book signing for you. God bless you. +JMJT

  • Hi Dwight. I noticed a typo in your blog’s tagline: “if it seen” should be “if it is” (according to your post). Please edit the template to fix it, as it sticks out like a sore thumb to any visitor

  • Dwight … welcome to the Blogosphere! I met you last year when I was working at the Newman Center at USC. The students still talk about your presentation! I got here from Amy Welborn’s. I’m glad to hear that plans for your ordination are going ahead: the Diocese will be blessed to have you serve as a priest! Please know of my prayers for you and your family. If you can say one for me, now that I’ve started my formal discernment with the Paulists, I’d appreciate it.