Honorary Doctorates and Old Boots


Has anyone noticed that Protestant preachers like Dr Bob Jones Jr and Dr Jerry Falwell aren’t shy about using their doctorates as titles of respect?

Maybe Catholics could pick up on this custom and start referring to Doctor of the Church, St Therese of Liseux as “Dr. Therese Martin” What about “Dr Teresa Avila” or “Dr Edith Stein”?

If you’re familiar with the life of Dr. Martin, you’ll know that despite her name ‘the little flower’ she was tough as a pair of old boots. To prove my point you’ll see that a famous brand of English footwear is actually called “Dr Martens”

These ‘Air ware’ boots are so wonderful that none other than our own beloved JP2 once ordered some. While wearing Dr Marten’s did he remember Dr Therese Martin? I think we should be told.

Comment Quiz question: Which insane tyrant was known by his nickname ‘Little Boots’?

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  • ‘Little Boots’: Caligula

  • Geesh, Some tough quiz question. The first person gets it right. You get five points and a free trip to Blogland…

  • Though in Edith Stein case would it be Dr. Dr. Edith stein since she had a doctorate in philosophy.

  • Are there any other saints who had a doctorate in philosophy? I guess Dr Thomas Aquinas would count. His teacher, Albertus Magnus?Maybe the church should give out honorary doctorates a bit more.

  • Re: Caligula, 2 years of Latin will do that to ya.

  • Your blog is a blog with a difference — where do you get all those great photos anyway? Google images?

  • My son and I were having a conversation about PhD and Saints and then we saw your post :-)BTW, you will be in my prayers tomorrow, especially during the Consecration at Mass. God bless.

  • thank you esther. Thanks Jonathan. I grab the images from a Google image searches.

  • And sometimes those doctorates are only honorary (like Dr. John Hagee of San Antonio).

  • I find those who like to use their doctorates as a title a bit pretentious. As someone who actually earned one (not honorary), I do not like being called doctor – it feels prideful.However, I do find that I insist upon it when I find someone throwing their formal title around – perhaps I am not as humble as I should be. 🙂

  • However, if in Catholic circles said doctorate titles would have the same worth as those noted it might be better if we didn’t.P.S. When I was a Canadian Pentecostal bible college student, back in the day before my 20 years of Protestant ministry and my subsequent conversion to the Catholic Church {along with my whole family in Jan.06} I was told you, Dwight, were a model to following, an example to emulate and I can now agree ;-)I’m pleased to have found your blog.Owen