Boy Bishop

We were so busy at school today I forgot about the tradition of the boy bishop. It is connected with St Nicholas’ feast on 6 December. St Nicholas resurrected three boys who had been butchered and the evil butcher had put them in a barrel to pickle their flesh. Thus St Nicholas of Myra is the special patron saint of boys.

In honor of this, especially in England, a boy would be elected to be bishop or abbot for the day. He would preside over the diocese, officiate at a service and even preach a sermon. The custom has been revived recently in England–especially at churches dedicated to St Nicholas. Jay Anderson has more…

At St Joseph’s School today we had an Advent service. High schoolers put it together and performed a half hour compilation of Scripture, poetry, music and clips from the Jesus of Nazareth film. After the film students painted life sized crib figures which will be put up in the school tomorrow.

Maybe we’ll have time for the boy bishop tradition next year…

Quiz question – which modern English composer wrote a cantata on the life of St Nicholas in which the pickled boys sing a trio?

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