St Elizabeth Ann Seton

St Elizabeth Ann Seton proves that the following types of people can be saints:

  1. Mothers
  2. Wives
  3. Schoolteachers
  4. Americans
  5. Americans who go to live in Europe
  6. Americans who go to live in Europe and move back to America
  7. Anglican converts.

Five out of seven….

I’m starting to feel uncomfortable….

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  • Father:First, welcome home, after travelling a road many have taken before you. I praise God you are fully part of His Body in union with the successor of St. Peter.Don’t feel uncomfortable with the parallels between St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and your own experiences…we are ALL called to be Saints. That these parallels exist should be road signs on your own journey towards deeper conversion in configuring yourself to Our Lord, both through your priesthood and personal life.Be assured of all of our prayers for you as you work in His vineyard.Bryan

  • Thanks Bryan!

  • Posted a bit on my bloggy about her.Warren