Bearded Lady

Being a married Catholic priest has made some readers curious and they have asked to see photographs of my wife.

This is Alison. You can see she has a slight facial hair problem, but I love her anyway…

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  • jeron

    I’ve heard that about British women. lol.

  • Tim

    I’ve dated a few Sussex girls but never noticed any beards before. lol.

  • Fr. Christopher G. Phillips

    I feel cheated. My wife is but a lass still smooth of cheek. Perhaps as she ages…?

  • Anonymous

    Ali,I see you still haven’t used the Ladyshave I gave you last Christmas!! lol Sue P.xx (Chippenham)

  • Andrew

    A fine catch, that one.What’s the secret of her luxurious and copious amounts of hair?I know some people who are lacking in that department further north.

  • Anonymous

    Stones, Sir?