Get Poor

Here’s a link to the podcast of my homily on Sunday. It’s about the beatitudes and how to get poor.

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  • jeron

    how can a person obtain the text of your homilies?

  • Hi Jeron,My web designer is, while I write, doing an update on my site so that the texts of my homilies will be available to download. Should be ready next week.

  • How to get poor? That’s quite a switch from the usual messages these days. How did it go over with the congregation?

  • Those who liked it said so. Those who didn’t probably kept mum. This is one of the hazards of being a priest. Nobody tells you where you’re messing up. It’s one of the practical advantages of a married priesthood. The wife doesn’t mind popping your balloon.

  • I was there and thought it was wonderful. Thanks for challenging us.

  • I meant to tell you that I really liked it. It was fresh, in the sense that the topic certainly wasn’t overworn and because your take on it enlightened the topic for me. And your wife liked it too, so stop acting like Hugh Grant with your self-deprecation! 🙂

  • This is the first time I have been compared to Hugh Grant…I’ve been compared to many other film stars of course…