Mad Cows and Englishmen

You’ve heard of the epidemic of mad cow disease in England a few years ago? It seems the disease has not finished, and has, in fact, passed into the human population. The happy result of this worrying trend is that there seems to have been a quantum leap in the intellectual capacities of both the bovine and human populations. (not to mention the owls and the squirrels)

Check out English blogger Dunadan for his conversations with a cow. Warning: you may become addicted to this Catholic Python-esque style of blogging.

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  • The last time I was in England, September 2001, it was sad to see the signs posted on fences warning people not to walk there because of the mad cow epidemic.Our main concern in traveling there was taking proper precautions to avoid bringing back the disease to America–my sister has a beef cattle farm and would be really embarassed to be ground zero for introducing it to America.However, Sept. 11 happened when we were there so mad cow precautions didn’t seem as high priority then.