Prayer Poem

In the Garden

In the yard I discovered a rose bed
Grown over with creepers, thistles and weeds.
I looked for a time; considered its needs,
then started to work, digging up the dead
bushes, and the brambles with thorns that pluck
and cling. The roots were deep and dark and came
up almost like a mandrake with a scream.
At last I saw some order, and was struck
with an understanding of the gardener’s plan:
There were five beds of roses side by side,
Ten rose bushes in each bed; and I spied
beneath the weeds four paths to walk and stand.
I wondered at the mystery of the place,
and how a formal garden could release
—such a sudden, certainty of peace.
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  • Best one yet, and that garden’s a beauty.

  • Anonymous

    I hate to play grammarian, but that should be “its” instead of “it’s”… otherwise, great poem!

  • This is lovely. One of my to-do-before-I-die projects is to learn to write a sonnet. But is this a sonnet? It seems like there’s an extra line at the end?

  • This is a sonnet with an extra line. I use the sonnet form, but take a few liberties sometimes. See my other poem ‘Confiteo’ which has 12 instead of 14 lines.

  • Hello, I’m interested in your journey to the Catholic Church. I’m a missionary in doing evangelistic work in Italy to bring Italians to Christ. I wonder what you think of what I am doing. (I really enjoyed your book written on Mary)

  • discepelo, best to email me rather than have a conversation here.

  • Welcome to discepolo. There was a time as an Evangelical where I contemplated being a missionary to Italy. Now I back Home in the Catholic Church as well.Fr. D, it’s your blog of course, but I think it might be profitable to have some discussion with discepolo. I’m sure we can all be civil, and it would be good to demonstrate that Catholic believers, even reverts/converts from Evangelicalism, don’t bite.But if not, in the meantime, discepolo, you’re welcome to e-mail me privately as well.Peace and all good,Frank

  • Anonymous

    i’m more interested in the roses than the poetry-what sort of roses are they?

  • I’m afraid my little rose garden is not the one pictured. I knicked the picture from the web.

  • Thanks guys,I’d love to dialogue more.

  • discepolo, do you have any questions?

  • Anonymous

    you sneaky thing!(knicking photos)don’t tease a rosarian with false photos!!