Catholics and Charismatics

I recently commented on the desire of Catholic Charismatics to welcome the new liberties for the Latin Mass to be celebrated. Within the post I joked about what a Charismatic Tridentine Mass might be like…a tambourine instead of the sanctus bell etc.

Well, all the way from Wales comes a most bizarre post. It seems that American Pentecostals have become very fond of Catholic vestments. John Browne posts about his finds on facebook. (HT to that other indomitable British blogger, Mulier Fortis )

I can’t resist stealing some of his photo finds of the wildest of Pentecostal Protestants joyfully wearing Catholic vestments….

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  • In a tridentine charismatic mass, when they speak in tongues, it’s usually in greek, or aramaic, or old church slavonic, and they need an interpreter who will translate it into latin, and then another one to translate the latin into english.+W+

  • Dear Fr, you must see this, and add it into your collection.The photo does not depict the members of an African episcopal conference but actually show Pope John Paul II surrounded by Protestant bishops of the U.S. Pentecostal Church during his weekly general audience in the Paul IV Hall at the Vatican, Wednesday, March 10, 2004. They came fully vested in simar! Talk about weird.

  • For clarification, the woman in the “funny hat” on the bottom right is the newly elected Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Katherine Jefferts-Schori. Not exactly a Pentecostal, but obviously entirely within the Episcopal/Anglican tradition of “dressing like a Catholic.” Now if only her theology were more Catholic, I might not be standing on the banks of the Tiber, looking to make the jump to the other side…

  • Apparently there was this branch of Pentecostalism that was reformed in the early 20th or late 19th century and adopted the hierarchy and vestments of the Roman Catholic Church! Check out the following links. Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishopsand High Church Pentecostalism (A NCR[eporter] article)I actually gleaned this over the dinner table last fall.

  • uh. Ms Schori was popped in there as a joke.

  • uh. Ms Schori was popped in there as a joke.Yes, she is.(ba-dum-bum!)My apologies for not being quicker on the uptake.