The Holly and Lily Crowd

On observing the larger numbers for Easter one pastor wisecracked, “I have to apologize to all of you about all the lilies in Church. I wanted to get poinsettas, so it would look just like it did last time you were here…”
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  • Rowena Hullfire

    Y’know, as a former Christmas and maybe Easter Catholic, I don’t look down on them. In this post-Christian age, and when so many Christians are post-Church, I’m just really grateful they’re there. The mystery of God’s grace works in souls. They are engaged with the two great salvific acts of God–Incarnation and Resurrection. Praise God.Woe to all of us when that little flame goes out.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Indeed. I welcome them all! That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be encouraged to be there more often. My own comment after Mass was, ‘We are so glad you are here to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Remember we celebrate his resurrection here every Sunday, and you are welcome to join us.”

  • Mephibosheth

    Our men’s choir had to ditch an 8-part “Christus resurrexit” anthem we were working on, too much too fast…and we replaced it with a Gloria we used at Christmas…so I imagine some of the ChrEaster people might have thought we know only one anthem!

  • Sharon

    As long as the C and E Catholics did not receive Holy Communion without reconcilliation they should be made welcome.