The Mystery of Psalm 46

St George’s Day is also the anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare.

Do you know the mystery of Psalm 46? It goes like this: William Shakespeare was 46 years old the year the King James Version of the Bible was published.

Get out your KJV (you good Catholics who don’t own one will have to borrow one from your Prot neighbors) Find Psalm 46.

Count 46 words from the beginning. The word is ‘shake’.

Count 46 words from the end (not counting the word ‘selah’ which is a sort of Hebrew rubric).

Hey presto! The word is ‘spear.’

So go figure….

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  • Get your KJV right here:

  • Jeannine

    Here’s a dumb question: What is “selah”? What do you mean by calling it a rubric? I’d love to have an answer!

  • The psalms were used as hymns in worship, just as they are today, and ‘selah’ was a ‘rubric’ or instruction for worship. I think the scholars are not exactly sure what instruction it is, but maybe a scholar out there can give you a more detailed answer.

  • Jon

    Well, there you go…And here I thought the answer was really 42.

  • Anonymous

    i dont get it the connection with shakespear =x