Bl. Damien of Molokai

Is there anyone who doubts if the Catholic Church has heroic missionaries?

Today is the Memorial of Blessed Damien of Molokai. Tomorrow at our school mass I will tell the students about his life.

Lepers Adoring the Hidden Face of Christ

It is a little known fact that Father Damien laboured to established perpetual adoration of the Eucharist among his dear lepers. In this there is something astonishingly beautiful; the sight of lepers adoring day and night the Suffering Servant who, disfigured in his Passion, became, “as one from whom men screen their faces” (Is 53:3), the “Lord of Glory” (1 Cor 2:8) whose face is “all the beauty of holy souls” (Litany of the Holy Face).

from Sante Croce

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  • Aloha Father, I tagged you for a thinking blog award over on my blog.

  • Anonymous

    As I age and get disfigured here and there from cancers and surgeries–yikes, that sounds worse than it really is–the peace and joy I get from my faith is something shared by the lepers, I’m sure.And that is:I will be resurrected and glorified and perfected, in my body, at the last day.Therefore, I can age and rot gracefully and don’t have to get all anxious and call the plastic surgeon.kentuckyliz

  • Father, I do not know if you are aware there was a recent movie about Blessed Damien. I think it was made in Australia and Hawaii and it certainly starred Australian actor David Wenham in the lead role. If my memory serves me correctly the movie is called “Molokai”.Incidentally, David Wenham is a product of the Christian Brothers (Irish)from one of their schools in Sydney.