Roses for May

Some time ago I posted about the relics of the true cross at the church of Sante Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome. A comment was posted by one of the Cistercians who lives and works there. Brother Marco has a blog and hey, have a look at the rose garden they have in the gardens of Sante Croce!

This also connects with a little poem I put up about the rosary garden we discovered in the yard of our new home in Greenville SC.

My humble rose garden is nothing compared to the magnificence of the one at Sante Croce, but it has given me some ideas…

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  • Dear Father, How very kind of you to link to Vultus Christi. Yes, our rose garden is splendid! Fra Matteo, a novice from Roumania is in charge of the garden. Yesterday we said the Rosary and Litany of Loreto (our May devotions) in the garden because no one could find the key to the chapel of Bon Aiuto. Typical Italian confusion. By the way, I posted today on the place of Our Lady in the Cistercian tradition.