St Philip Neri and the Holy Spirit

For Pentecost, link here to read Fr Nicholas’ account of St Philip Neri’s experience of the Holy Spirit. St Philip founded the congregation of the Oratorians. Readers will know about the wonderful Brompton Oratory in London, but Fr Tim has been to preach at the just as fine Birmingham Oratory for the feast of St Philip Neri. Link here for pictures from his visit. One thing he hasn’t pictured here in Cardinal Newman’s room. It is just as it was the day he died, and you can visit the room if you wish. George Weigel devotes a chapter to the Birmingham Oratory in his book Letters to a Young Catholic. If you don’t know much about St Philip Neri, Fr Tim’s sermon is instructive. Here are photos from inside the Oratory, the Church, High Altar, and the chapel of St Philip Neri. Check it out!

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  • Letters to a Young Catholic is a hugely enjoyable book. Ever the pious young man, I decided to visit at least one of the places mentioned in it. Hence, I ended up at The Olde Cheshire Cheese pub nr the Strand in London hoping to be inspired by the memory of Chesterton and Dr Johnson quaffing ale. Unfortunately, it was such a busy day that there was not to be a seat had anywhere!Oh yes, I have visited the Brummie Oratory and it is good too.

  • It would make a nice spiritual goal to visit all the places in the book. You are very welcome to visit in our home when you come to St Mary’s Greenville…

  • Now that would be a goal to reach! God willing, I would love to visit Catholic America one day.

  • The Oratory in Toronto also has lots of goodies about St Philip. Bless me, Father, it’s been too long since I’ve visited your site.