Wimmin Down Under

In Australia Peter posts about the foolishness of the feminist theologian’s penchant for the gnostic gospels. They must have trouble with the following snippet from the gnostic Gospel of Thomas

114. Simon Peter says to them: Let Mary depart from among us, for women are not worthy of the life. Yeshua says: Behold, I shall inspire her so that I make her male, in order that she herself shall become a living spirit like you males. For every female who becomes male shall enter the kingdom of the heavens.

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  • This quote always gets them =)I also use it to show people why the portrait of Jesus painted in this Gospel totally contradicts everything we know of Jesus.

  • Well, isn’t forgoing femininity for masculinity the goal of feminism?

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I rather think that *some* feminists may take (at least part of) this quote very much to heart:’For every female who becomes male shall enter the kingdom of the heavens’… 😉