Not Just the Catholics

Some time ago during the height of the sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church my friend David said that plenty of the same stuff went on in Protestant Churches, but because they are much more unaccountable and without a strict hierarchical system they don’t get picked up.

Here’s a link which proves he was right. In addition to this, it seems the sexual abuse of minors in public schools is off the charts. Here’s just one story that reminds us what’s happening. (H/T on both stories to Roving Medievalist)

Why is the media so silent on these two areas of scandal in our society? I hate to seem paranoid, but it is hard not to conclude that the Catholic Church is a favorite target.

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  • White Stone Name Seeker

    during my Psychy working years I worked with a lot of people who had been sexually abused. I even did a stint with Rape Crisis.I never had a client who had been abused by a priest or other minister-but I had lots who had been abused by teachers.Top of the list, sadly, were step-fathers or mum’s boyfriend-but teachers were a common one.

  • kkollwitz

    “it is hard not to conclude that the Catholic Church is a favorite target.”I think enemies of God know that if they can break the Catholic Church all rest will fall as well.

  • Maureen

    Jeri Massi, who was first known to me as a Doctor Who fan writer, has spent years documenting abuse in her little Protestant semi-denomination; uniting victims to fight back and speak out; and incidentally helping uncover a lot of financial skulduggery, congregation manipulation, and plain old lies. She’s kinda like Luna Lovegood gone practical and tough — and it’s a shame there’s not more like her. is her blog. “Silence of the Lambs” was a gathering of the victims which they recently held.

  • Maureen

    Er, I meant “Conference of the Lambs”.Anyway, she’s in your neck of the woods, and a credit to it, too. :)

  • Jac

    Stand this on its head father.True, the Catholic Church is singled out, but modernity has paid it the compliment of holding the Church up to the standards’ it preaches. This may not be out of charity but it helps us confront a terrible reality that, when properly adressed, makes us much more credible witnesses.

  • John Seymour

    The story may be much worse than even the Fox News story suggested, as I noted in a post analyzing the data in the original AP story a couple weeks ago.In addition to the willingness of the MSM to take on any story that attacks the Church, I wonder if their reluctence to take on this story is due in part to the implications the full story has about the nature of our society and the fact that any reflection on the source of those ills tends to lead pretty close to their own front stoop?