Sacre Coeur

Here’s a post I put up on Valentine’s Day about the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
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  • Brian

    Fr. Dwight,Thank you for posting this. I have to admit I wasn’t very familiar with the devotion (since I am a convert from Anglicanism), but this is how much your post has affected me. You know how you just tootle along in your journey with God when suddenly something happens which can only be compared to the utterly overwhelming experience of coming upon the Grand Canyon and being completely unaware that it was even there. That is what reading about the Sacred Heart has done for me in my journey. God bless you.

  • Father, one of my old favorite hymns is the one which goes”To Jesus Heart all burning with fervent love for men, my heart with fondest yearning shall raise its joyful strainsWhile ages course along blessed be with loudest song the Sacred Heart of Jesus by every heart and tonguethe Sacred Heart of Jesus by every heart and tongue.”It’s a beautiful hymn set to a beautiful tune.

  • We naturally had a wonderful celebration with a beautiful High Mass…God bless