Culture of Death

This is a wedding dress made from condoms. All part of a Chinese fashion show to promote the rubber doo dads.

Quite apart from China’s one child policy, forced abortions and sterilizations, isn’t a wedding dress made out of condoms the most amazing contradiction in terms? A wedding after all, is about starting a family, and that means having babies. Remember G.K.Chesterton’s quip: “Birth control means no control and no birth.”

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  • Irenaeus

    I should drop everything and read Chesterton straight through for a couple years.

  • Thursday

    If you are looking for the book he wrote that in I believe it is “The Well and the Shallows” It’s a collection of essays he wrote in 1935. It’s a good introduction to Chesterton since it covers so many of his opinions on particular topics, not just birth control.