Merry Ole England

Here’s a news story to let you know what modern Britain is like. Read it and weep.

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  • Shocking, and yet not altogether surprising to me. I spent three years in the mid-1970’s as the Assistant Curate in Southmead, Bristol, which is a large council housing estate. Roving gangs of young men were not unusual. Buildings were seen as empty canvasses for graffiti, and the Community Centre was viewed as something to be trashed. Once in a while there might be small successes with some of the young people, but a feeling of discouragement was more usual.I don’t regret my years there, but it wasn’t a place in which I wanted to raise my children.

  • Mark

    Quite appalling, but before you get too big for your boots Fr.#24 United States:0.042802 per 1,000 people #46 United Kingdom:0.0140633 per 1,000 people

  • Mark

    PS. That’s Murders BTW

  • Anonymous

    Erith is a couple of miles from where I live and in fact I went there recently on the day the Tour de France passed through. No-one threw any stones or bricks at me whilst I ate my sandwiches in a green space over-looking the Thames, nor did I see anything other than lots of families out enjoying the event and fine weather. They had a French Market on, so I thought I’d take a look.It is a fairly run down area, but not one you would be afraid walking around, by day at least. The reason that the story is in the national press is because it is so exceptionally awful and unusual. That is also why the case is being tried at the Old Bailey ( ie the Central Criminal Court where all the worst cases in England & Wales go)and not a local Crown Court.So yes, appalling, but no need to extrapolate into everything is totally awful in the UK.

  • I’m talking about British young people–not just the murder rate. This follows another story saying last week reporting that British youth are the worst in Europe:

  • Anonymous

    Aussie youths aren’t any better. I’m not surprised Monsignor Geoff Baron lost his cool.

  • I live in an area where three secondary schools pour young people into the streets at about the same time each week day. They walk up the road casually screaming abuse at each other, thumping the smaller kids and damaging property. One of my neighbours had plants growing in tubs on his front wall. After the plants have been pulled up and thrown around the streets- replanted and replaced a couple of times but the vandalism was repeated-he gave up.I would never go out in the wheelchair while these kids are out there.

  • Mark

    Ok Fr, so youth behaviour it is, well as the man was murdered by a brick to the side of the head then here are figures for Murders committed by youths (Latest available) by country#3 United States: 8,226#5 Mexico: 5,991 #20 Italy: 210 #25 Germany: 156#29 United Kingdom: 139Points to note USA is worst in North America (I didn’t bother with Canada’s figures). Italy and Germany beat the UK so they are worse in Europe.A bit harder to find more specific youth crimes but I’m guessing Assault and Rape are primary (not exclusive admittedly) crimes by youthsAssault#1 United States: 23,677,800#2 Germany: 6,264,720 #3 United Kingdom: 5,170,830 Rape#1 United States: 89,110#6 Mexico: 13,061 #7 United Kingdom: 8,593 And Finally Executions #1 China: 1,067 #2 Congo, Democratic Republic of the: 100 #3 United States: 68 Point to note, only beaten by a communist dictator ship and a Banana republicHave we got problems with our unruly youth, assuredly, do they need a their backsides paddling, definitely but people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  • Francis

    Fr. Dwight,I share your absolute loathing of modern Britain’s “Clockwork Orange” youth culture. It is the whirlwind that the UK is reaping having sown the winds of secularism, nihilism, godlessness and heathenism in the 1960s.However, Americans have social problems of even greater proportions, and are reaping a whirlwind caused by the interaction of the same phenomena as above, mixed with the bitter after-effects of slavery.The fact that white Americans express such shock at the state of the UK says a lot about how they are able to keep the problems of their local ghettoes in a mental blindspot, as if those ghettoes are part of some foreign country.

  • Mark and Francis. I’m afraid you are reading more into it than I intended.Drawing attention to the plight of modern Britain was the point of my brief post. Of course we have terrible social problems in the USA too, but I didn’t set out to make comparisons or to say, Nah Nah, we’re better than you are…simply to lament with grief about the state of a country I love. (i.e. the UK)