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  • Alex Vitus
  • Alex Vitus

    Also, I cheat by composing in the blogger (posting –> create new post) and go to “edit html” window, and I cut and paste the whole thing to the comment box.

  • The Sheepcat

    The site Alex points to explains everything you need to know about the syntax. I’d just add that to check whether a link is working properly I always use the Preview function before I hit Publish.

  • Fr Nicholas

    Thanks for your comment and kind offer to review the Cardinals book. Let me know you address and I’ll pass it on to the publishers.

  • Theocoid
  • Theocoid

    Whoops! Sorry. Tha closing tag should be .

  • northern cleric

    I find the cheat mentioned by alex to be the easiest way…and it works!

  • W.

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