How does one put hyperlinks into blogger comments?

Why Indiana’s Religious Freedom Bill Will Backfire
What does Myth have to do with the New Evangelization?
Zayn Malik, Cinderella and What Women Want
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  • Alex Vitus
  • Alex Vitus

    Also, I cheat by composing in the blogger (posting –> create new post) and go to “edit html” window, and I cut and paste the whole thing to the comment box.

  • The Sheepcat

    The site Alex points to explains everything you need to know about the syntax. I’d just add that to check whether a link is working properly I always use the Preview function before I hit Publish.

  • Fr Nicholas

    Thanks for your comment and kind offer to review the Cardinals book. Let me know you address and I’ll pass it on to the publishers.

  • Theocoid
  • Theocoid

    Whoops! Sorry. Tha closing tag should be .

  • northern cleric

    I find the cheat mentioned by alex to be the easiest way…and it works!

  • W.

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