Holy Water Confiscated

The Daily Telegraph reports Pilgrims to Lourdes have had their holy water confiscated by airport officials who feared that the bottles shaped like the Virgin Mary might contain terrorist bombs.

What I liked most about this story is that the Vatican has now got its own airline. This seems far more of a news story than the holy water scare. What next? Nuns for stewardesses?

St Joseph of Cupertino pray for us.

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  • Anonymous

    I read in the article you linked that one passenger drank all of his holy water. Is that a bad/good thing to do?

  • Better than putting it down the drain

  • Most of my family are in Lourdes right now! They thankfully travelled by coach so should be bringing mr gallons of holy water back!

  • A couple of years ago, I brought back some holy water from Walsingham. Looking back, I’m a little surprised I was allowed to carry it on the plane.

  • “What next? Nuns for stewardesses?”I heard the “flight attendants” would be dressed in Catholic school-girl uniforms. LOL!