BBC on the African-Anglican Consecrations

The BBC is supposed to be one of the world’s finest news organizations, priding itself in objective, balanced and fair reporting. Check out this article on the recent Anglican/ECUSA episcopal consecrations in Africa to see how biased the BBC’s reporting is. This article is typical.

Having lived in England for 25 years, I can testify to the constant and universal bias of the BBC. It claims to be free from state control, and while it is not controlled by the political parties, it is essentially the mouthpiece of the secular, humanistic state, and because it is not controlled by any one political party, it’s monolithic power is even more overwhelming. It transcends political influence.

Think the crude, single state propaganda machine of Soviet Russia, but with all the money, gloss high technology and subtlety of American media giants.

Did you know that in the UK it is illegal for Christians to own and operate their own national level radio or TV stations? The BBC make sure the licensing authorities do not grant such licenses.

It gives me the creeps.

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  • Tom

    So write to your MP.

  • It does me too!

  • Benfan

    Their ridiculous bias is begining to be seen by all. It is only a matter of time before we get rid of this stupid and incidious institution. They used to be great now they only listen to their own voice and preach their own religion using Christian money. They are an anti-Christian, anti-God and anti-neutral. I know so many people who have stopped listening to them. We need to get rid of the licience fee that stuffs the belly of this ugly ogre. I cannot see how they could possibly reform.

  • The BBC (Broadcasting Bashing Christianity) haven’t got a clue how to report on church matters, or anything truthful for that matter.How many of their journalists are working for Al Jazeera now? More than 2 already for sure.Of course the Govt allow it because although they critcise the war in Iraq, everything else is in line with the anti-family/life/children agenda.

  • You’re sort of right, but the alternative would take away Radios 3, 4 and 7 which are worth the licence fee by themselves. The problem is the culture of Television Centre. The solution involves closing down some of the last remaining bastions of culture. We’re damned if we do, and we’re certainly damned if we don’t.

  • I email or phone the BBC when their news is particularly dreadful, because although we know it’s wrong lots of people listening must believe it. After 500 years of anti-Catholic propaganda in England, it’s hardly surprising that the BBC has it all wrong.The media does have a very corrosive effect though, so Im very pleased about the blogosphere.

  • Don’t forget the TV license which each TV owner pays to fund the BBC.

  • Some people in the UK advocate scrapping their TV sets. Sounds like a good idea. No TV, no TV tax to support the BBC. Anyway, there’s always the internet to provide more diverse news and entertainment.

  • Maybe the BBC is what NPR wants to be when it grows up.

  • Adam DeVille

    The Beeb’s biases have been known for years, but are no less odious because of that. I realized anew this morning when listening to a segment of BBC news spliced into an NPR morning show. The BBC interviewer was talking to the UK Foreign Minister about Iraq. His condescension was thick, his anti-Americanism thicker still, and his open contempt for the minister and his policies thickest still. If I were one of Her Majesty’s ministers, I’d have told this pompous windbag to stuff it and walked off the show.

  • BBC inmate

    Yes.. the anti-Americanism is very blatant. It`s so in-bred that it`s not even recognized within the BBC, and goes hand in hand with the Liberal Intelligentsia mindset. Some blood-letting is on the way, though – big cuts to be announced v soon. The way to regulate it is, I believe, to halve the licence fee and force it to scale right back to it`s old remit: news, current affairs, bit of entertainment. Lose the vast empire of digital channels. Concentrate on the very popular news online service and expand it ( viewers have more autonomy and can decide what to read/watch and when) and get some managers in who don`t live in a Mainstream Media Bubble but who have lived in the outside world for a few years. It`s big big fault is that it is utterly self-indulgent to the point of alienating its audience. But what do I know. I`ve only worked for them for 20 years.My ultimate dream is to set up a Catholic Radio Station for the UK. As you point out, Fr Dwight, it would be more likely to happen under Stalin than the present regime. But you never know…

  • Anonymous

    So what is the alternative ? CNN ?