Catholic or Madman?

The Curt Jester records a fascinating exchange between the sad alcoholic Christopher Hitchens and the saintly and heroic convert from Anglicanism Fr George Rutler:

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  • I love Father Rutler! He is so smart, and so profound.

  • Is Hitchens alcoholic?

  • Father Rutler is amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Mrs Parkes:He denies being an alcoholic but admits to drinking enough “to kill or stun the average mule” on a daily basis.About the difference you have to ask him.

  • I once went on a conference on alcoholism. They pointed out that the definition of an alcoholic is anyone who is dependent on alcohol on a daily basis. Alcoholics therefore ranged from the nice lady who had two Martinis every night before dinner to the pissy drunk lying in the gutter.

  • Yes that definition sounds right to me!

  • This explains a lot.