Abortion in Britain

The government in Britain and the medical establishment are working together to resist any lowering of the present 24 week abortion limit. Despite the fact that premature babies at just 23 weeks gestation born and nurtured in British intensive care units have a pretty good survival rate, they are still refusing to lower the time limit.

Pictured above is a 24 week old human fetus. Babies of this age are able to be legally killed in Britain.

UPDATE: Read Charles Moore’s excellent anti-abortion editorial from the Daily Telegraph

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  • The notion that an abortion culture can be, y’know, OK, reminds me of the short story”The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula LeGuin:”In the story, Omelas is a utopian city of happiness and delight, whose inhabitants are smart and cultured. Everything about Omelas is pleasing, except for the secret of the city: the good fortune of Omelas requires that an unfortunate child be kept in filth, darkness and misery, and that all her citizens know of this on coming of age.” (wiki)

  • great morning of prayer planned at the Birmingham Oratory & the abortuary…tomorrow morning. How can those doctors sleep in their beds?

  • Anonymous

    Read the South Carolina law. As written it allows abortions up to 26 weeks, though few if any doctors carry it this far.