Baptist Sacred Heart of Jesus

In the grounds of the Zion Hill Baptist Church just over the North Carolina border from Greenville, off highway 25 at Flat Rock you will find this very nice statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Note the two plaster, painted lambs to the left.

Very Catholic…

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  • the Mom

    I always enjoy a trip to my in-laws home church in Northern Oklahoma. There in the middle of this little Lutheran church is a life sized statue of the Sacred Heart. It always makes me smile a bit.

  • Archistrategos

    There is an image of the Holy Family at one of the Protestant churches near my area. Of course, the overly Catholic elements have been blurred, meaning no halos for Mary and Joseph. It’s one of the nicest things in that church, IMO.

  • kkollwitz

    I feel pretty sure that no-one there is worshiping the Jesus idol….or the lamb idols, for that matter.Now I wonder, if you aren’t worshiping them, are they idols?

  • jim thompson

    our church is trying to partner with other churches and ministries in Allendale [poorest county in SC]. i was making some contacts down there and found Virgin Mary Baptist church…. and thought of you.

  • RC

    Aren’t images of the Sacred Heart fairly common in Protestant households down South?

  • Maureen

    Thanks to itinerant peddlers back in the day — yes.

  • Miriam A

    I’m a former Roman Catholic, now a member of the Discples of Christ. Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is still very important to me. See my images of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at