Baldies Beware

This article has been drawn to my attention concerning a man who was beaten and robbed because he was bald. This is another incident in the increasing problem of persecution of bald people worldwide. One theory is that people with hair feel threatened by bald men because it is well known that bald men are more intelligent, more sensitive, more artistic, accomplished and more virile than their hirsute brothers.

I’m feeling frightened, and don’t know whether I should buy a wig or wear a hat.

I am including a photograph of another well known religious leader from Greenville, South Carolina who wore a wig for many years with great panache and success.

Perhaps readers could advise me what decision to take to avoid being beaten and robbed…

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  • I wouldn’t worry about it. A lot of strange things are happening in India, nowadays.

  • Funny post Father. Still, I think it does make a good point: don’t lie to your potential spouse. Or as Oscar Wilde would say, it illustrates the Importance of Being Earnest.James G

  • Jennifer

    I would just keep carrying the big stick.

  • Rose Marie

    Mega dittos to Jennifer’s advice!!

  • dean liverman

    report to the dean of mens office right after chapel

  • Padre Dwight.. As I read thru these comments I feared that some wiseacre would remark about “no use to shingle an empty barn” or some jab about “brass dorknobs” or some such nonsense, but I was relieved to see that none ventured there. Besides, you’re not bald and don’t let people say you are. I think the term is “follically challenged.” You have a distinct ring of fur around back and it looks very becoming. As for the resemblance to Dr Bob, you may have a point thereGary