Know Popery

The town of Lewes in Sussex, England, still has a traditional bonfire where they burn an effigy of the Pope. This custom used to be commonplace across England on 5 November –Guy Fawkes Night. Lots of towns still have bonfires and fireworks, but Lewes is one of the few towns that keeps the full fire burning.

The parish priest (an Anglican convert) of Lewes has started an initiative called ‘Know Popery’ in response to this barbaric custom. Fr. Richard Biggerstaff is a friend of mine. He’s very bright and this witty riposte is typical. You can read about it here.

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  • Anonymous

    Father:I looked up the “Lewes Bonfire Council” web page. I noted in particular the following listing:”All persons should carefully note that attendance at Lewes Bonfire Night will constitute volenti non fit injuria, that is to say you will be deemed to have accepted any risk of injury or damage whatsoever, and no claim in respect thereof will lie against the organiser.”I find it quite amusing that they used LATIN to make their point!

  • True story. When I was a journalist on a UK Catholic newspaper, I wrote a piece on the pope burning in Lewes. Every year, the paper would run an indignant story claiming the Sussex event was vile, anti-Catholicism out of place in 21st century Britain.One November, I managed to speak to the Catholic bishop in Sussex (he happened to answer his telephone while his secretary was out)and he dismissed the anti-Catholic claims.However, the Catholic paper didn’t run my story. When I asked the editor why this was so, he replied he wasn’t bothered what the bishop said, the paper’s policy was the Lewes bonfire WAS anti-Catholic and that was that! You see, its not just the tabloids.BlessingsJames

  • Nice to hear from you again James. Of course the Catholic bishop didn’t know what he was talking about. newspapers editors are infallible authorities!