Mont St Michel

Fr Ray has a post with some good links about Mont St Michel. A French traditionalist monastic order now has an outpost there, and the worship is traditional and impressive.

Mont St Michel is one of the stops on my upcoming tour of Northern France. Click on the banner above for more information.

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  • RC

    The Monastic Fraternities of Jerusalem are fine folks, but not traditionalist: they use vernacular liturgy with Orthodox-influenced music. The KTO network streams their Lauds over the net on weekdays from Paris:

  • Anonymous

    The Fraternite of Jerusalem is also situated at the Basilica of Ste Madeleine in Vezelay, arguably the most beautiful church in France. Their liturgies are wondrous occasions lacking nothing in devotion and attention to detail. Worthy of a visit some time in your life.Deacon Ed

  • The right thing to do is to walk to the mount through the bay at low tide. You’ll require an official guide, but it isn’t very expensive and you’ll experience a very unique moment.