The First Thanksgiving

The story of the real first Thanksgiving: It was bean soup. It was in Florida, and it was Catholic.

Tomorrow instead of mashed sweet potato with marshmallows on top (yucchh!!) we’re going going to serve baked beans as a side dish. I suggest this should start a new Catholic American custom.

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  • Christine

    The true Thanksgiving story is told at Patum Peperium.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    I’ll certainly agree with the baked beans, but don’t underrate the sweet potato. They’re quite good if you don’t ruin them with mashing and marshmallows.

  • John Seymour

    Actually, sweet potatoes are quite good even if you don’t mash ‘em and top them with butter and marshmallow. Besides, I have it on good authority that the alcohol cancels out the calories.