Go Up Thou Bald Head

I was greatly encouraged today to see that St John of the Cross was bald headed, and a very polite female colleague told me today that, “God only created a limited number of perfect craniums, and that’s why certain men are bald…”

The prophet Elisha is the most famous saintly baldy. When he was mocked for his perfect cranium by some disrespectful youths, in true grumpy curmudgeonly prophetic style he called on a bear to come out of the woods and maul them. (2 Kings 2:23-24)
I know St Francis de Sales was bald headed. St Jerome is usually pictured with a bald pate, and legend has it that St Paul himself was a member of the beautiful cranium club.
Can readers supply us with further examples of saints who were bald headed? (Nuns who shaved their heads don’t count.)
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  • Kat

    When I had chemo and was bald from cancer, I had a very beautiful cranium. If it hadn’t been winter, I would have gone around bald.

  • St. Nicholas, in Russian iconography, is typically depicted with a very beauiful shining bald cranium.

  • Add my husband!

  • blarg

    St. Francis and many of the friars shaved the top of their heads. I think they did this to gain better reception from the Holy Spirit, less hair to diffuse the signal. Had they metal coat hangers, I believe they might fix them to their heads also.

  • I’m going with Ignatus of Loyola.

  • i always liked the statement attibuted to astronaut and senator john glenn: “i figure the Good Lord gave each man a certain amount of testosterone. If other men want to use up theirs by growing hair, that’s fine with me.”

  • Are there any bears in South Carolina?Hair’s a nuisance anyway. For years, I had young people telling me how easy a buzz cut is to tend. Bought a set of clippers and had at it. No combing, no bad hair days and I save a fortune on haircuts.

  • Anonymous

    That’s Isaiah in the icon, not Elijah. “Ἐξελεύσεται ῥάβδος” refers to the “shoot” that “will come forth” from the root of Jesse.

  • Anonymous

    St. John Chrysostomst. paul

  • Dean

    I’ve read that St. Peter, the first Pope, was folicularly challenged.

  • St Paul is also seen in Icons with polished pate.

  • “folicularly challenged”…clever.