New Man

Damian Thompson reports the imminent beatification of Fr. Newman….that would be J.Henry, not J.Scott….

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  • Fr Jay Scott Newman

    God be praised that I’m still a work in progress! That gives me a little while yet to learn to walk in the Way of the Cross.Blessed John Henry of Oxford, pray for us!

  • the owl of the remove

    Sadly, I have discovered after also reporting it – the “imminent” is not exact – apparently we are still some way off – what the Cardinal Prefect said was that he “hoped” it would be very soon.p.s. – I’m sure J. Scott is well on the way to beatification.

  • Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

    Can we keep John Henry Newman for us Brummies! lol

  • xyz

    With due respect to Brummies,and I think Mrs. Parkes will agree, Cardinal Newman and what he means have universal appeal. Someone is sure to have compared him to one of the Fathers. By the way, those of you out there with an interest in this kind of stuff will sure like to listen to Elgar´s “Gerontius” oratory, based on a poem of JHN´s. I had never heard about it before last year, when the São Paulo State Symphony presented it in December. Profoundly Catholic and beautiful. It is said Pius XII attended a partial performance in 1958 and was most grateful to Barbirolli.

  • thesheepcat

    The Dream of Gerontius is little known in North America, but in Britain it’s widely performed, I understand. I have not yet had a chance to hear it.Anyway, I join with many others in hoping Cardinal Newman is beatified soon.