A Peaceful Religion?

A dear friend of mine, when faced with anti-Catholic bigotry expressed her bewilderment and said quite simply, “I don’t think I hate any religion, but I like Islam the least.”

It is hard to remain calm and open minded about Islam. What I find difficult is the stupidity of some Muslims. Some time ago there were violent Muslim riots when someone suggested that Islam was not actually a religion of peace. Duuh.

Now in this article we read that the Anglican bishop of Rochester (that’s in England, not New York), has had to tighten security because of death threats to himself and his family. This is the bishop who, a few weeks back, had the temerity to point out that in parts of present day England the cities are so dominated by radical Islam that they are are no-go areas for Christians, and that Christians are under threat. “I know boys,” say the bearded ones, “let’s get that Christian for daring to say that we might be a violent threat! What he needs is a warning that we’ve got him and his kiddies lined up for torture.” It’s an own goal isn’t it?

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  • Leslie

    Father,This is what happens when we do not know our history……..

  • jeron

    Another Lepanto coming, only this time at the English Channel?

  • Lately I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to be a good Muslim who accepts Sharia law, and also accept the separation of Church & State.

  • ann

    Hey Father, if you’re looking for something fun to do, my husband and I are starting a mini golf club in Greenville. We hope it helps us make new friends and have a little good clean fun. All ages and circumstances are welcome. Check out the Greenville Mini Golf Club blog for more info: http://greenvilleminigolf.blogspot.com/

  • pdt

    Jeron – Perhaps. But will it be a repeat of the first, second, or third battle of Lepanto? There are troubled times ahead.

  • kkollwitz – the trouble is there is no separation of Church and State within a Muslim state.And, even here in the United States, the separation of church and state is something that most people do not understand…ah well –

  • Anonymous

    Going to miss reading your blog, I’ve decided to give up the internet for lent. so until I can return to read it I pray for the continued success of your blog. God bless!publish the comment only if you want. just wanted to say thanks and see you later.