For all you biretta spotters out there…

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  • Very Nice Padre. A fine Biretta.

  • I would expect no less!Fine looking biretta, Father!

  • Only the Catholic Church could make a fold-up hat with a pom-pom on top look dignified!

  • I love the biretta… The Norbertines here wear nice white ones for mass.

  • Anonymous

    Canterbury caps are much better.

  • David

    Father, I have to be honest, but I think you look like a clown wearing that hat

  • Wow, David… That is a remarkably rude way to tell someone you don’t care for something they are proud of, something they have earned.

  • David, you poor soul, how little you understand me. That’s precisely why I wear it…

  • Dwight, it looks good!Bart

  • David

    I was not trying to cause offence -I honestly thought you were being silly, and others flattering you and missing your point! Wear it “on the inside” ! And yes Father, I know of being a fool for Christ

  • David

    PS: I was looking at that scene of your hat clearly and freshly upside down

  • Have you seen this, Father??!o{]:¬)It’s a happy-biretta emoticon! Tres nifty, no?!