Bishop Williamson writes…

A cache of previously unpublished reviews by the famous film critic (and would be Catholic bishop) Dickie Williamson has recently come to light. Here’s his take on that notorious film Mary Poppins.

Mary Poppins is a blasphemous mockery of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Not only does she have the same name as the Blessed Virgin, but the Hollywood Jewish media men mock her with the silly name ‘Poppins.’ ‘Pop in’ is exactly what she does. In a stunning and disgusting reversal of the Blessed Virgin’s assumption into heaven, Mary ‘Poppins’ descends from the sky. When does she do this? When the wind changes–thus symbolizing the relativist, subjective nature of her philosophy. She goes with the times. She follows ‘every wind of doctrine.’ She changes her tune (and very pretty tunes they are too) whenever she wishes.

And what is her ‘tune’? That a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. The modernists are always trying to sugar the pill of Catholic truth. The Catholic Church demands obedience, self sacrifice, physical mortification and ultimate martyrdom. The Mary Poppins modernists call for us to be nice people, social workers, people who are cute and cuddly and don’t mind getting into bed with the Protestants and Jews and Liberals.

Avoid this film my dear people. I say this for the good of your souls and the souls of your children. Mary Poppins is a home wrecker. See how she interferes in the perfectly suitable English home where mother is already occupied with a good cause and Father is busy earning a respectable living for his family? Instead she has them out flying kites! The height of irresponsibility! The film shows her flying away at the end, but mark my words, she’ll be back. This evil witch will be back to seduce both the father and the son and corrupt the mother and the daughter with her wicked ways.

And furthermore, Julie Andrews once got a ticket for a parking violation…

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  • Rob

    That was the most terrible movie ever–a father who had no time for his children ended up flying a kite with them at the end because the evil witch tricked them.

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t like what he calls the nearly pornographic “Sound of Music” either. Perhaps it’s just something he has against Julie Andrews.

  • Bishop W. is a typical arrogant SSPX prelate. He’s just a bit more insane than the rest of them.I just know I’m going to be showered with abuse for saying these things just like the last time I dared to speak out about the SSPX. But, if you can handle it Father, so can I:)

  • Anonymous

    really..he’s seeing too much in a simple thing.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • bernadette

    Er… do you all have a sense of humour by-pass ? Or shall we discuss whether Bishop Williamson’s views on Walt Disney are Catholic enough. I’m certain some dufus will think its a good subject for a Ph.D….

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha ha you are too funny. It sounds exactly like the one he really wrote about “The Sound of Music.” Assuming he really did write that one…Gail in Cincinnati

  • Someone should have him watch “Evangelion.” He would have a heart attack.

  • I love Mary Poppins!! This review is nonsense . . . nonsense and stuff …Now I am going to my tea party – I love to laugh on the ceiling…tumbling and turning…

  • Mary Poppins IS pornography.So is The Sound of Music.So is Disney’s Robin Hood.And so is Milo and Otis.

  • Anonymous

    “He’s just a bit more insane than the rest of them.”And you’re just slightly less uncharitable than Satan.What a fool you are. Pious old twit, Adrienne.

  • “Anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell.” Mt.5:22

  • Most of my mom’s family is in the SSPX and they all believe this stuff. I mean they think that 99% of all disney movies are bad. They don’t like Bambi because it is anti-hunter, Dumbo because he is guided by a male character into fame and his mother does not help him at all, Robin Hood because he steals and loves Maid Marian and there is never a wedding, etc… It is silly. I feel bad for them that they have to be so silly.

  • So my spoof reviews of films are actually not too extreme!

  • anon – fool, pious, twit – ok. But OLD??? How rude!

  • Anonymous

    Father you made a huge mistake in this review – the cause in question that the mother is involved with is women’s suffrage – Williamson could NEVER call that a “good cause” !

  • MaryMargarite,Unless most of your mother’s family are priests I doubt they are in the SSPX, which is a priestly fraternity. Let’s please be accurate about this: People who go to chapels staffed by the SSPX are no more in the SSPX than people who go to parishes staffed by the FSSP are in the FSSP (even if those people might think so).On a more pleasent note, the number of people who think this is real is indicative of either Fr. Longenecker’s satire abilities or Msgr. Williamson’s craziness. Or both!-Royce

  • Anonymous

    That can’t be Bishop Williamson. He called women’s suffrage a “useful cause”. It’s some modernist heretic using his name. Women voting is an abomination teaching them to disobey their husbands–didn’t you get the memo?

  • Anonymous

    “The fool says in his heart there is no God.” This is sufficient to refute your literal interpretation of that verse.Stop taking semitic hyperbole literally.Oh, you might wish to consider not breaching the 8th commandment in relation to Bishop W. Even he is deserving of at least natural justice.

  • Oliver

    Leave the bish alone. Hollywood is a cesspool of subversion against Christian principles and deserves considerable chastisement after Aids and New York. Perhaps one big earthquake will swallow it whole, Mell Gibson excepting.

  • extra SSPX nulla salus!

  • What a discussion queue, and in the process you libeled Robin Hood. How dare you? Robin Hood did not steal from the rich to give to the poor. He stole from the government that had stolen from the poor and gave to the poor. Now…the record is straight.