Dickie Williamson Takes on Lassie

More from the newly unearthed Richard Williamson film review archives:

My dear people, I need to speak to you today about a painful topic. I want to warn you and your children about the dangers of the insidious television program and film series ‘Lassie’. To many people this appears to be nothing but a sweet and harmless story about a boy and his dog. They couldn’t be more wrong!

This is practically pornographic in every way. The word ‘lassie’ is Scottish for ‘young girl’ or ‘hussie’. I don’t need to go into details, but you can see from the publicity photographs that the boy has an unhealthy relationship with this dog, and the whole story is symbolic of a sexual relationship that the child might have with an un-named ‘lassie’ who might come into his life. We are told that the boy ‘Timmy’ (a blasphemous parody of the great St Timothy) has ‘adventures’ with his dog. What a scandal! To insinuate into our homes a young boy in a relationship with a shameless adventuress!

And what are we to make of his seemingly kind and good parents? They are negligent parents. They turn a blind eye to their son’s wanton adventures. Do they challenge him to pursue healthier relationships? No. They are simply wrapped up in their own lives, and as they only have one son, they are obviously contracepting and don’t really care about children.

The film is worst in what it does not show. Is ‘Timmy’ shown to be a good altar boy at church? No. Is ‘Timmy’ ever shown memorizing the Baltimore Catechism? No. Are there ever any on screen discussions of the apostasy of Vatican 2, the heresies of John Paul II, and the pseudo orthodoxy of ‘Pope’ Benedict XVI?

Finally, the breed of the dog–a ‘collie’– is known to be a sheep dog. Do you see how subtly the Hollywood Jewish conspiracy have maligned and mocked Catholic bishops? We are the true shepherds, and they compare us to a dog.

Dear people, do not watch this trash. It will rot your soul.

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  • A satire worthy of Swift!You have found your mark, Father. And from what I’ve read of his ravings, poor Williamson is more to be pitied than scorned. The wretch is clearly unhinged from reality.

  • Jeron

    Now *that’s* funny!

  • Wow! I feel bad for anyone who follows those teachings. 99.99% of all movies and books would be forbidden. The stubborn people who follow this man need to realize reality and stop thinking that the whole world is out to get them. Enjoy life instead of hating it.

  • I am somewhat disturbed at my readers’ inability to spot satire.Both the Mary Poppins review and Lassie are my own inventions….

  • But the Sound of Music was not and this is the same thinking, just more of it. You hit the nail right on the head and I know plenty of SSPX people who agree with your satire as truth. (did that come out right?) It is sad becuase they really believe that innocent movies are evil.

  • Anonymous

    This poor man is off his rocker. He needs help. It’s scary that he has so much influence over some people.

  • “I am somewhat disturbed at my readers’ inability to spot satire.”I think most of us recognized the satire – extremely well done, too. However, in this case satire is so close to reality that it almost ceases to be satire. They really are that wacky.marymargarite – 99.99% of books and movies are banned for members of the SSPX. Oh dear Lord – here comes more abuse. anon – just don’t call me old. That cuts to the quick!!

  • I had a doubt with Mary Poppins, but the satire became obvious with Lassie. Mgr Williamson may have unpleasant opinions but he’s neither a fool or an idiot. I decided to write a comment to warn you when I read your answer.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps you could satirize some of Gregg Popcak’s porm/blasphemy

  • Anonymous

    Every ‘innocent’ Shirley Temple movie was nothing less than Satan’s gaping mouth hungrily devouring the souls of its viewers. Negro danced with white. Crippled children laughed with abandon. Poor folk laughed and danced as if their souls were already abiding in Heaven. And that blonde diabolical child smiled beatifically as she rammed the silver shiv of SEX into the soft bellies of the godly white men and women across America.Heaven help us!

  • Although I think many people agree with Msgr. Williamson’s rantings, and he has infected the South American SSPX seminary with his anti-semitism, the SSPX adherents I met down there seemed at least willing to make fun of his horrendous accent as he drawled such phrases as “La mujer debe quedar en casa” (women should remain at home — I was told he worked in into almost every sermon). Most of them worked, so I really doubt they took him too seriously.

  • Anonymous

    One might note that the picture you used is actually of Jeff and Lassie (from Jeff’s Collie), the precursor of Timmy and Lassie.Not to mention that your bishopfulness skips the fact that despite the feminine name “Lassie” the dogs used in the production were actually male, indicating a concerted Hollywood effort to confuse the watchers’ view of gender identity!

  • It is people like this Dickie Williamson who are wreaking havoc on the church. These far-left, liberal ivory tower windbags and their nuanced theologies. “Practically pornographic” he calls Lassie? Why doesn’t he go ahead and just tell his readers that there’s really no harm in it? The series is ultra pornographic. Nay, it is supra pornographic. It is so pornographic that it completely bypasses the discerning mind and renders one completely incapacitated. Indeed, “pornographic” is not pornographic enough of a word today to convey any meaning. Notice also how he conveniently doesn’t mention the series’ irresponsible facade of cheeriness and seeming ‘charisma’; must we forget that the devil appears as an angel of light? Notice also, there are two “S” in the word, “Lassie”. There are two “L” in the word “collie”. There are two “M” in the word “Timmy”. Need we investigate further in order to derive such subliminal correlations with Vatican “II”?

  • Now I’m uncertain about other people’s satires (or not) are anon 3:55 and Niggle serious or not?

  • Mine’s not serious Father, though at one point in my life it might have been. If the Shirley Temple one is serious (surely it isn’t!), then heaven help us indeed.Are there actually people who accuse Pope Benedict XVI of “psuedo orthodoxy”?

  • Why not turn your talents to a worthier foe, Father? Let’s hear a witty ditty on a bishop – you can choose which one, there are lots – who have refused to actually refuse Holy Communion to a public sinner – say, a so-called “Catholic” politician who supports abortion?I might take you seriously then.