John Sarkander

Roving Medievalist thinks St John Sarkander resembles me. Nice! Now, if only I resembled him!

St John Sarkander was a sixteenth century priest who was tortured by Protestants because he would not break the seal of the confessional. Lest people imagine that Catholics had a monopoly on torture in those days, John endured the rack on 13, 17 and 18 February. On each of the latter days the torture lasted for two and three hours, lighted candles and feathers soaked in oil, pitch, and sulphur were strewn over his body and ignited. He lingered from the effects for a month and died in prison.

Learn more about him here.

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  • Why is he wearing his stole over his chasuble?

  • bernadette

    because he’s a schismatic.

  • LOL! It’s not a chasuble, its his surplice, so the stole is worn the correct way for hearing confessions–thus a reminder of the reason for his martyrdom

  • thanks!! I just slapped myself in the face because I realized that bad liturgical experiences throughout my entire life have caused me toquestion whether a Saint wore his stole correctly. I’m too jumpy. I’ll go pray now!