No Bacon

Read here about a secular New York Jew who tried to live according to every rule in the Bible for a year. He even tried to ‘pray without ceasing.’

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  • The whole point of the book seemed to be to demonstrate how utterly ridiculous the Bible is…

  • My favorite Jacobs quote:”..behaviour shapes our ideas. So if you’re acting completely faithful, you will become faithful. And even better for me, no matter where you start on the morality scale, if you force yourself to act like a good person and volunteer at the soup kitchen, you actually take a step toward becoming that person.”I brought this quote to the attention of our Youth Group soup kitcheners. I think it reinforced to them the value of virtuous action, even if the heart hasn’t learned the habits of virtue yet.It reminds me of a story I attribute to Socrates, which has served as a personal encouragement for decades:Socrates’ students asked him what was the most valuable thing a person could have. Socrates answered, “Virtue.”Then they asked, “How does one acquire virtue?”Socrates answered,”By doing what virtuous people do.”

  • “It’s about picking the right parts – about compassion, loving your neighbour and about the Ten Commandments, as opposed to the parts about homosexuality being a sin.”I guess he also didn’t bother about the part (“part” meaning the entire New Testament) that says to go out and proclaim to the world the Son of God, the Saviour of the world. But that would entail belief, belief in the Son of God, belief which, by the way, he could have done “psychologically” same as with the way he did the praying. If you’re going to say you’re going to try and follow through what the Bible says as an experiment, at least be honest. Sorry, this article is bunch of “happy-fied” politically correct B.S. rendering of the Bible.

  • I read the book. It’s interesting, but irritating in the way that he never gives up on his liberal doctrines.