Priest’s Hats

I’m really pleased with my biretta, and wonder where I can get a nice black zuchetto and one of those wide brimmed, low crowned hats like Chesterton’s Fr Brown used to wear.

Any ideas?

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  • You can get a fine saturno (the Fr. Brown hat) from Barbiconi in Rome. They have a website,,For a Zuchetto Barbiconi is good as well as Euroclero and Tridentinum (all of which have websites, just Google them). Unfortunately to get a nice one Rome is pretty much the best place. House of Hansen in Chicago has them as well. Any hat you get in the US probably is imported anyways. I have purchased things albs from Barbiconi and Euroclero and both came quickly and the shipping wasn’t too bad. If you need to get anything else just order it all together to make the shipping worth it.Father, where is your biretta from? I am looking at getting one myself, and yours looks nice.

  • The biretta was bought for me by a seminarian in Rome

  • Father, if you do an eBay search for zuchetto, there’s one fellow who sells new ones there.Speaking of which, I know that fact because I considered getting a zuchetto when I was in Anglican priestly formation. But among priests (not prelates), I have only seen Anglo-Caths wear the black zuchetti, never a Catholic priest. Are you fathers at St Mary’s planning on a revival of same?

  • AS

    Remember though that the Biretta is the only liturgical hat proper to a parish priest. The zuchetto is not allowed in liturgy unless granted by a papal indult.

  • I love this legalistic Catholic stuff! I’m told that I can’t wear a zuchetto liturgically if I am a parish priest. But aha, I’m not a parish priest. I’m a school chaplain. Does that mean I can wear one? Can I wear a zuchetto, but not liturgically?

  • as

    I posted in the other blog post as well but I can also respond here.When i said “parish priest” I mean a priest who does not hold some other higher rank such as a canon or such that may be granted special permission from Rome to wear it. You can wear it any time essentially as long as it is not during Mass and not when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed. Other than that, have fun with your priestly accoutrement collection. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    All clergy may wear a zuchetto but only prelates have the privilege during Mass.