Testimony of a Convert

Mikael is a fellow from my RCIA class at St Mary’s. He, along with 22 others, was received into the Church on Easter Eve. Mikael is a big burly guy with shaved head and goatee. He’s a truck driver, veteran of the first Gulf War, and a former Baptist. He also makes the most amazing pipes (for smoking not for plumbing) for a hobby.

Mikael sent me his testimony, and doesn’t mind if I share it with you:

Any baptist that has claimed that the Lord is not present in the Catholic Church should have attended the Vigil mass. God’s presence was truly palpable. For the first time in my life I was not ashamed to cry like a child or want to hide my tears. When you blessed me with the oil I felt God’s warmth spread from my forehead to my toes. When I took the Eucurist I felt God’s peace spread inside me from my chest out. And the incense for the very first time smelled wonderful. I was thinking their should have been more incense; but then I looked up to the ceiling and saw a thick cloud. I then knew that something very special was happening. . . I was entering into the fullness of the church. I was finally home after being lost for my whole life. It was great to see God using you and the other priest as well as the alter severs and Deacons as his tools for spreading his peace and love. I could tell you and the rest of the clergy really ” get it “. And because of this, my first communion will be full of nothing but happy memories. Thank you so much for helping me with my journey home. You are not only my Priest, but a true friend who really cares. You, your wife, and family are truly blessed by god. And I find it a privilege to know you all.


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  • Anonymous

    Yes, very touching, as is when any person truly comes to God, be it Catholic, Baptist or whatever label they choose to identify with.It is a true statement that “no Baptist” should deny the Lord’s presence in a Catholic Church if He is really there, just as no Catholic should deny the presence of the Lord in a Baptist Church or a believers heart even, if He is really there.It is a blessed man that finds a Priest or Preacher that “really” cares about the soul of his flock.

  • Very sweet.

  • MHL

    Very good. Thanks for posting it and thanks to Mike for allowing it to be shared.

  • Sweet.” Agreed, that dominates. Be careful, anonymous, you’ll set off the alarm.

  • Anonymous

    What alarm might that be Jason?

  • Anonymous

    Funny, I didn’t think the Baptist believed in the Real Presence.

  • Twenty years ago, Easter Vigil, I came into Holy Mother Church…I am still SMILING that God permitted me in! I sometimes feel like a kid that figured out a way to have the best of the best all year long … and of course, that is Christ in The Eucharist.Welcome, Mikael, welcome HOME!!! I am so glad you are here!

  • Anonymous

    “Funny, I didn’t think the Baptist believed in the Real Presence.”Who said Baptist believed in “Real Presence”?

  • Anna

    Mike, We share several things. The starting point of our journey, ( I was Southern Baptist), and the fact that the Eucharist brought us home. When I looked back at my writings from my exploration time, I was shocked at how soon I had saw the Eucharist as Holy and far different from anything that I had experienced before.

  • Lovely!

  • My first experience of the Mass (9/16/2001) will probably always stay with me (or I at least hope it does). It was something more profound than I ever experienced before. There was this intense feeling that I was outside of something, like I was denying myself something by not receiving. I later made the comment that it was like witnessing the marital act.I came into the Church Easter Vigil ’03