Moral Uncertainty

Moral Theology Question of the Day: If an Episcopalian bishop is allowed to leave his wife and family to live with his boyfriend, why is a Mormon bishop not allowed to have more than one wife? Seems unfair to me.

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  • As a point of information, Father, I believe Gene Robinson and his wife split up before he met his boyfriend. But yes, one does wonder.Natural law. We’ve got to get back to natural law.

  • Scarily, a form of that argument has been used by some Anglican reappraisers. They ask why same-sex unions and clergy would be denied when “polygamous Anglican bishops were allowed.” This is an epic red herring, since there is no evidence that polygamous clergy were condoned by Anglican hierarchs, and among the laity, polygamy took several generations to die out for cultural reasons–it would have been culturally cruel for men to send away their wives. But the Christianization of the culture brought about a step forward (from polygamy to monogamy) not a backward step (from chastity in marriage or celibacy to sodomy).

  • Very good! Now here’s another:If it’s illegal for a man to beat up his child, why is it allowable for a woman to kill her unborn child? Why does a baby’s 15-minute trip through a birth canal make that much difference?

  • It is unfair to the Anglicans. Mormons are blessed with a society that saves them from their own bad doctrines. Anglicans are forced to deal with all the fallout.

  • Now, now, Father. Let’s not go asking questions that make sense.

  • Why can’t I marry my cats? I love them. They love me. At least they show up for kibble at least daily.There’s lots of people who love animals more than people.No backtalk.