Of Pevenseys, Bilboes and Bogles

They’re making a two-film version of The Hobbit, and Ian McKellan is to play Gandalf again. More here. Who’s to play Bilbo I wonder? Isn’t Ian Holm too old? I hope not. He’d be perfect.

Meanwhile, I’m re-reading Prince Caspian in order to churn out some articles for the film’s release in a few weeks’ time. What I like about the Narnia books is that the Pevensey children all talk like my friend and fellow blogger Auntie Joanna, “Oh, gosh Su, it looks like some rather beastly weather is on the way!” “Never mind Ed, we’ll just have to make the best of it. At least I’m wearing my sensible school shoes, and not those nasty high heels like Esmerelda Drudge always wears!”
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  • “Isn’t Ian Holm too old?” I think in hobbit years he’s about 14. Lorne Greene would know for sure.”beastly”…this is our standard adjective when speaking, you know, English around the house.

  • I don’t know if you know the fellow, but a certain C. LeBlanc contributed the challenge pledge that kicked off my two hour stint on the local Catholic radiothon this morning.

  • Be sure to spell it “Pevensie” when you write the articles. :)Father, if you’re re-reading the book you’ll remember this: is Prince Caspian really several years older than Peter? I was surprised that the actor cast for that part is obviously not a child nor even a young teen– but maybe Lewis wrote it that way and I forgot? It really changes the tenor of the story.

  • Rachel, I never had the impression he was as old as to be portrayed by the upcoming movie, either. And I agree that it changes the way the story reads.

  • I really like Ian Holm in the role and I am excited to see the movie version of the book! I have to say that Ian McKellan is amazing as Gandalf as well. I am a bit surprised they are breaking it into 2 films, but why make 200 million when you could make 400 million!? Well, I look forward to them both. Keep smiling and God bless! Padre Steve, SDB