Why America Needs the Pope

Here is my article for National Catholic Register published this weekend.

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  • Well said! And just the right amount of clever metaphor to make the point stick.

  • Well said indeed. I think we need to look at a lot of the positives from today’s Mass and see how they can help us move forward.It has been a bit of a beef of mine that so many blogs are whining and screaming about all the bad music and such at the Mass (in fact, the music seems to be the only complaint). But I think so many people miss the WHOLE point. It is not to say that good music doesn’t have its proper role, it does! The Pope knows, though, that the Mass will be more properly celebrated when holiness is a profound reality in our lives. That is what he was going for, and wanted others to hear.My mother was telling me today about how one of the CNN commentators, a Baptist, was just totally moved by today’s Mass. The Mass does evangelize, but that is in the preaching and the Eucharist, and the simple fact that we have so many news outlets playing all the Papal ceremonies and talks and such tells me that this Pope is starting at the root of it all so that those other things come into their proper order.-Harrison