Cherry Picking

There is a cherry tree in our yard, which we thought was dead. All the fruit didn’t have a chance last year because of a late, heavy frost. This year all the fruit trees promise much. We went out last weekend to find the cherry tree absolutely laden.

I’ve spent hours this afternoon and evening picking cherries, pitting them and putting them in the freezer. Not much to blog about that, but this sort of reflective work usually starts a poem cooking, so maybe there will be literary output as well as cherry pies in November.

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  • Can you send some up to Vermont? (Cherries – not poems!)

  • My that sounds pleasant! I recall when I lived in Connecticut we had a peach tree. I am sure you would find that surprising… but it grew and bore fruit. The peaches were small, and the skin of them had black stains of some sort. But the peaches were absolutely delicious. You can’t buy tree-ripened peaches like that. At least not around here. It’s almost enough to make one pay heed to Prince Charles about GM food.

  • Dear friends, not only does this part of South Carolina feature beautiful cherries, but it is (despite neighboring Georgia’s claim) the peach capital of the nation. Tree ripened peaches galore and cheap as dirt in August…Ya’ll come an live here. Nothin could be finer than to be in Carolina.

  • We have a couple of cherry trees only a few years old, they made some little berries this year. I’m hoping for more as time passes.”Ya’ll come and live here.”No wait, it’s not that nice…”Nothin could be finer than to be in Carolina.”Really, everyone, it’s like….Iceland. Move on, nothing to see here.

  • KKollwitz is right. Move on. We don’t want anyone else to come here…

  • We had a gooseberry tree and always enjoyed our family gooseberry picking sessions. We could write some wonderful poems about English gooseberries…

  • I dunno, my South Carolina Grandfather’s notion of peach tree tea didn’t sound all that pleasant.

  • Before I left New York almost two years ago, I picked pounds and pounds of both sweet and sour cherries. The farm had two huge pitting machines that did the work for me. This past winter I used the last of my stash and I’m now empty and bereft!Fr. D — I remember hearing Spartanburg County grows more peaches than all of Georgia. Should be a good year.

  • Fr. L,Perhaps a photo of the town’s giant peach could adorn this post. You know the one I mean…

  • You mean the giant peach of a water tower you meet on your way to CaroWinds?

  • Of course, the giant peach watertower.

  • Hmmm… reminds me of my first job. I had to pick fruit in the sun and rain, and not even enjoy any of it 😀 truly a torture!Fr. D… I didn’t get More Christianity yet. I am looking for it!-g-

  • Today I got It! It enters into my soon to be read list.Thank you so much for your kindness and the note in the book!May your week be blessed!-g-

  • Actually, my brother wrote quite a nice blogpost on cherries and spitting cherry pits…and making memories of little moments in the family. Go to searchbox: spittin cherries