New Poem

A Student’s Plea

No, no, Father, please don’t toss the mike
like a DJ when you preach. Please don’t be cool.
Please don’t ride a Harley motorbike
when you come to school.

Don’t wear red cowboy boots for Pentecost,
and tell dumb jokes to be our pal. Please don’t ‘high five’,
say, “Sweet!” “Awwsome!” “You suck!” “You’re toast!”
or teach us how to jive.

Don’t sing along to the latest pop band;
you don’t need to be hip and up to date,
or come to our parties with a drink in your hand,
trying to relate.

Play it straight. Say the black and do the red.
Refrain from politics and rainbow pins.
Pray for all of us, the living and the dead,
and listen to our sins.

We want you to keep the faith, you see,
but keep it as it was. We want it old.
We want it to be waiting there when we
come in from the cold.

We want you to be our Father, not our mate.
We want a solid rock; so when we roam,
we know you’ll be there, waiting at the gate,
to welcome us home.

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  • There once was a priest named Longenecker,Who used to ride a red doubledecker,But he decided to pursueAncient ways that are still true,And along the way became a devil-plan-wrecker!*****Ha! I couldn’t resist. (Although you may have wished I did…) I just love your last name. It’s so…so..Tolkien-ish!You’re doing some fine work, Fr. Longenecker. I pray God continues to send young people your way, those who are hungering for the real. God bless you, richly. 🙂

  • I once saw an older preist give a talk that was supposed to be on the Church and sex, but he spent the entire time telling the boys about consceince and how they could and should ignore the Church if their conscience directed them to. He called for questions at the end and a young student stood up and with typical GenY frankness said, “Father, we know we can do our own thing if we want to, we have no problem with that. What we wanted to hear tonight was what the Church says about sex, so we can consider it make up our own mind.”The youth want Church to BE Church. They want stain glass windows and heavenly music, strong teaching and firm conviction. They feel quite comfortable walking away, but they REALLY want to know it is there to walk back to.

  • This is an awesome poem! I should share it to my wonderful priest back in my parish. =)

  • Very nice Father. Truly, the laity need shepherds, not wetnurses.

  • In the “New Poem,” Like 2 of verse 5 is flawed; it should read, “the fire now new, now old.” Left as it is, the Holy Spirit can’t renew the face for the earth, can he?

  • Excuse me, it’s LINE 2 of verse 5.

  • Great story, Peter, and what a sharp young student that was!