Preests and Catz

I’m afraid I am not a cat lover, my favorite cat poem being the one by Ogden Nash:

The bad thing about a kitten is that
Eventually it becomes a cat.

Yes, you may now hurl your kitty litter at me…

Nevertheless, I allowed the children to have two kittens when we moved here. They were brothers (we didn’t want lots of little kittens arriving) and were named Loki and Frodo. First Loki went missing, now Frodo. Were they catnapped? Did they sense my antipathy to their existence and run away? Did  they end up under the wheels of a car? Were they consumed by foxes or coyotes? We’ll never know.
Fr Ray in England has two interesting stories of priests and cats. The first scary, the second hilarious. Roving Medievalist also has regular posts on cats. Here’s one. It mentions the first named cat in history and pictures the patron saint of cats.
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  • They certainly didn’t take off because you didn’t like them. They’d have stuck around to torment you at every available opportunity. Cats love making cat haters miserable.

  • Maybe they were victims of their names.If Frodo comes back with a missing claw you will know he was on a quest.Naming a cat Loki just tempts the fates.

  • My kids have 2 dogs and a cat, and all three have failed go missing for many years now.

  • I think your missing pets joined the Yakuza and are now selling free based crack to minors. Little rascals.