Sitwell and Monroe

Here’s Marilyn Monroe with Dame Edith Sitwell.

I’m always amused when celebrities from different worlds meet. Did you know T.S.Eliot carried on a correspondence with Groucho Marx? They were mutual fans. 

When they met in London they discussed cigars, cats and jokes.
Evelyn Waugh was also friends with Edith Sitwell, and stood as godfather at her reception into the Catholic Church. In the congregation was a young Alec (Obi Wan) Guinness, who would be received into the church the same year.
Do any of you know of other incongruous celebrity friendships? 
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  • I recall reading that David Bowie and Bing Crosbie were the unlikliest of friends either before or as a result of their odd but memorable duet version of “The Little Drummer Boy” on some Bing Crosby Christmas Special made in the late 70s/early 80s.

  • That picture must have been irresistable. Great minds think alike.

  • This one doesn’t count as a mutual friendship, but my brother once told me that one evening Alec Guinness walked into a busy restaurant and James Dean was there. James Dean saw Alec Guinness and invited him over to his table, apparently being a big fan, and they all ate together, and seemingly got on very well. They were leaving the restaurant together and talking amongst themselves on the street outside, when Alec Guinness saw James Dean’s car and Guinness suddenly had a strong premonition. He said to James Dean with strong emphasis whatever you do, do not drive in this car. James Dean didn’t listen.