Two Relics

A few weeks ago I was in our little Blessed Sacrament Chapel at school praying and thinking.
Since coming to USA I have developed a devotion to St Elizabeth Ann Seton.
She was a married person who became a saint, an Anglican who converted, an American who went to Europe Protestant and came back Catholic, a person who returned to work in schools.
So I thought, I’ll get a nice icon of St Elizabeth Ann Seton for our school chapel, but wouldn’t it be really great to get a relics of her? But where do I get one and how does one go about it?
That night out of the blue a friend emailed me offering me two first class relics for our school chapel: You guessed it–St Elizabeth Ann Seton and Bl. Francis Xavier Seelos. He delivered them last evening, so we’ll embed the one of St Elizabeth Ann in an icon for veneration and Bl Seelos goes in our new altar.
Deo Gratias!
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  • Our parish is building a new church. One of the things I was wondering about was getting a relic for the altar. I have the same question. John Paul cannonized around 1300 people. There must be some relica around from these saints. How could a parish get such a thing?Beyond that I was wondering if there was any arguments I could make to gently nudge the decision making processes around the church building in one direction or another. There are so many choices that literally get set in stone when you build a church. It is hard to know where to being. The focus so far has been on functional questions. How big should the kitchen be? How much space do we need for children’s minstry? How much parking is required? Eventually we should get down to the more liturgical issues. I need to pick my battles. I wonder what advice you ight give on how to do that.

  • Fantastic story! Reminds me of Fr. Phillips building Our Lady of the Atonement here in San Antonio when, looking for a suitable crucifix for the church, he randomly comes across some nuns who were getting rid of an enormous, beautiful crucifix. “You want this? Oh, here, go ahead.” Deo Gratias, indeed.

  • One of my daughters is named after bothe Elizabeth ann Seton & Frances Cabrini…two American saints. Now she’s turned 13..sure could do with their help! lol

  • Can you tell the guy where he got the relic of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton? send me mail @