Anglicans on Anglican Agonies

Link here to a website where conservative Anglicans write and comment on the crisis in their church.

This site is a blog by liberal Anglicans on the issues of the day. Notice they call their site ‘Thinking Anglicans’. I love this. It is so typical of the liberal elite. They are the ones who ‘think’. All the rest of us are dummies who can’t or won’t think.
The other liberal blog with an entertaining name is this one which is called ‘Inclusive Church’. This is a new blog started up while the ‘inclusive’ liberal Anglicans are quite happily excluding millions of Evangelicals and Anglo-Catholics at the same time.
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  • Sioux

    You might be interested in this laity led group of Anglicans:

  • A Simple Sinner

    Don’t Anglicans have this same or similar über-crisis every 5-10 years?I mean honestly, the drama gets old.Things are NOT going to change anymore than the comic book character Superman STAYED dead!I am 31 – for as long as this sinner has been alive and cognizant the Anglican Communion has been “About to be torn apart” because of:+ Women deacons+ Women priests+ “Gay” deacons+ “Gay” priests+ “Gay” bishops+ Women bishopsEmergency meetings get held, posturing is had, at the end of the day, what changes? “Tolerating” the status quo – constant re-assesment of what is true – ALWAYS wins.I hope we get a million converts from the ranks of folks who finally woke up or are sick of things… But nothing MAJOR here is really transpiring.They do this crap EVERY year like a prime-time soap opera that ALWAYS ends on a cliff-hanger!